Our Team

Photo Cred.    Brandi Sunley

Photo Cred. Brandi Sunley

Jamie Conroy

        ORENDA Co-Founder 

MENTOR. Activator. ADVOCATE. Yogi.

Jamie is a devoted yoga practitioner and teacher, committed to empowering youth to awaken to their innate gifts and abilities. Her enthusiasm, grace, and humour create a relatable and unique experience for those on the mat. Jamie guides her students to develop their mind, body, and spirit, bringing everyone together by diminishing separation. She uses yoga as a transformative tool to live an authentic and meaningful life.

Graduating University with a Bachelors of Education,  Jamie spent her early teaching years working with many First Nations communities. Jamie is devoted to giving back to community and supporting individuals navigating challenging life circumstances. Jamie is passionate about working with at-risk youth and advocating for youth mental health.

 Jamie has worked with youth through a variety of programs and projects including: The Inspired Youth School Project, The Calgary School System, The Boys and Girls Club of Calgary and Breathe Hot Yoga. Most recently Jamie trained as a Kids Life Coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation, and GIRLVANA trained youth yoga teacher. 


Heather Molina


Mentor. Advocate. Visionary. Yogi.

Heather is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher. She is passionate about empowering youth through yoga by supporting individuals to discover their unique skills and abilities. Heather’s “dream big” mentality is infused throughout her teaching and mentorship to encourage students to fulfill their personal aspirations.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion from Dalhousie University, Heather has applied her research background to better understand the impact yoga has on children and youth’s physical and mental well-being. Heather has participated in research projects with the University of Calgary Health and Wellness lab, examining the impact of yoga for paediatric cancer survivors, along with leading therapeutic yoga classes to children and youth with a cancer diagnosis.  Heather is passionate about connecting her research background with the Orenda team, working collaboratively with academic institutions and other community based organizations.

As a seasoned yoga teacher, she has delivered yoga programming for a number of organizations including: The Alberta Children’s Hospital, Kids Cancer Care: Camp Kindle, Canadian Mental Health Association, and the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre.

Lisa McManes


Lisa strongly believes in providing children with a safe, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate environment. Lisa places confidence in guiding children to listen to their inner truth and encourages them to always let their light shine. Lisa taught youth in the classroom for six years before leaving to have three wonderful children of her own. Lisa has volunteered at the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter, and currently supports the education system with her time. Most recently Lisa completed her Kids Yoga Teacher Training, and trained as a Kids Life Coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation. 

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Gina Perrault


Gina has been practicing sports physiotherapy for over 10 years and has recently founded her own practice, Restorative Sports Therapy, which encompasses both a mind and body wellness approach to treating injury. By finding a mind-body connection through movement, one can balance physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Gina focuses on preventative rather than reactive treatments. Her daughter and 11 nieces and nephews, have motivated her to seek avenues to promote and advocate for youth mental health. Gina has recently completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and plans to use it to inspire a young generation to start a new movement revolution!

Erica McDonald


Erica believes strongly in the importance of developing youth to be strong individuals, with the internal awareness and confidence to lead self-directed lives. A yogi with her 200-hour YTT certification, Erica is also a proponent of meditation. As a former model, Erica co-founded BodyThoughts, an organization that aims to shift the body image conversation through art and reflection in order for people (and youth) to lead happy lives. Understanding that self-awareness is the most important ingredient for a fulfilling life, she is an avid proponent of Orenda. Acting as the web developer and graphic designer for the team, she supports Orenda with their marketing and website needs!


Annice deChamplain

Yogi. Educator. Nutritionist. Girl Power Practitioner.

Annice was born and raised by the ocean in North Vancouver. Raised primarily by her mother, the constant narrative of her upbringing as a girl was to thine own self be true, because no one could be responsible for one’s happiness or wellbeing but oneself. As an empathetic Cancer; however, Annice would come to yearn to elevate others too. Her practice as an educator has been to not only impart knowledge, but to empower the youth on her path to actualize their limitless potential. Too, Annice has always been fascinated with the human body and its innate capacity to heal itself and, when cared for, gift us with a quality of life that allows for pure bliss. 

In her work with her community, Annice aims to combine her passion for holistic health and wellness, her training as an educator and her compassion for womxn and youth, to create moments and opportunities that offer the tools to actualize their most intentional and beautiful lives. 

We move forward when we recognize how resilient and striking the women around us are” -rupi kaur


Chelsie Deschamps 


Chelsie Deschamps is the founder of Lava Lily Designs; creating Mala Gratitude Bracelets and Mala’s with the intention to breathe and be grateful.  The start up of Lava Lily Designs was fostered through her own personal journey exploring a meditation practice and manifesting gratitude in day to day life, as a reminder of intentional living. Chelsie believes that creating involves having the courage to put yourself out there, being vulnerable, and true to yourself. Lava Lily Designs partnership with the Orenda team offers unique experiences for youth to make their own mala creations, to serve as a reminder of their own intentions for self-care, a reminder to breathe, be grateful, and connect.

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Stacey Fleming


Stacy is passionate about health and movement in all forms. She has been an RMT for over 10 years and a Yoga Instructor since 2012. Nourishing her more playful side she fell in love with the practice of Acro Yoga in 2013. Acro Yoga allows Stacy more freedom and ignites her creativity. She enjoys the deeper sense of connection and community Acro evokes. It’s a complete practice! Filled with stretching, strengthening, laughter, play, healthy communication, and support. You learn how to ask for what you need and how to listen to others. She has just recently completed her 80hr Acro Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver with Vancity Acro and is so excited to share all of the new inspiration with those who dare to break free and fly. 


Keara Henning

Yogi. Youth AdvocatE. Mentor.

Keara started practicing yoga when she was 13 years old and I has never stopped. She loves the positive influence that yoga has had on her life and continues to have as her practice grows. One of the biggest takeaways that yoga has given Keara is the power of  breath. Over the years, Keara has learned to drop into awareness of breath and physical sensations in her body when a challenge arises on or off of the mat. The most important thing that her personal yoga practice has taught her is to pause, listen to her body and remember that she is always evolving in practice. Keara first began her teaching adventure as a kid’s yoga teacher. Keara loves teaching yoga to youth because they are SO creative. Keara is currently a student at Bow Valley College in the Addictions studies program with hopes to further studies pursuing a Social Work Degree starting in September 2018. Keara has taught yoga in daycares, schools and outreach programs, her intention is always to create a loving, fun, inspiring and creative yoga practice for students.