EmpowerMind is excited to bring
you an amazing camp
at Kayben Farms!


Our youth summer camps are a unique blend of personal development training, yoga, creative art, and outdoor experiences aimed at supporting youth to step into their best selves by becoming leaders in their own lives, families, and communities.

Kayben Farms is the idyllic setting for the 2016 summer camp experience.

Yes, I did like it! My favourite activity was when we played the game near the end where either Heather or Jamie said a sentence starter like “I cry when…” and then we all went around in the circle to describe our answer. I liked getting to know everyone, especially since was the first session I’ve attended. I found out a lot about my peers, and realized I could relate to them a lot more than I was expecting!
— Grade 7 student CBE

Camp Activities

  • 3 daily yoga sessions, incorporating yoga postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness, partner work and workshops 
  • Journal inquiry - focus on inner dialogue, self care and self discovery
  • Enhance creativity and imagination by exploring various forms of artistic expression with special guest teachers and lululemon ambassador Apryl Dawn
  • Guided outdoor experiences, exploring nature and connecting to the earth
  • Dreams and goal sessions with ivivva
  • Leadership skills training through inspired mentorship - application of yoga principles off the mat
  • Connection to music