ORENDA GIRLS - INSPIRIT STUDIO HIGH RIVER MONDAYS//4:15 PM - 5:15 PM// January 21st- February 18th , 2019 Rate: $95 for 5 weeks

ORENDA GIRLS - Balance Dance Centre Okotoks 
THURSDAYS//4:00 PM - 5:00 PM// January 17th- March 7th , 2019 Rate: $145 for 8 weeks

This registered youth yoga program is a unique opportunity for youth ages 8 -12 to connect with their peers, and with themselves in a safe and supportive community. The ORENDA Team uses yoga and mindfulness as a gateway to create raw discussion and transformation with youth, introducing  yoga and mindfulness practice, group discussion, journaling, and leadership activities. 

ORENDA BOYS - Balance Dance Centre Okotoks 
THURSDAYS//5:15 PM - 6:15 PM// January 17th- March 7th , 2019 Rate: $145 for 8 weeks
We recognize that youth boys have their own unique challenges, expectations, and stressors to navigate in adolescence. The creation of our Orenda boys program was developed, as we recognized a gap in programming being offered to support youth boys. We believe yoga and mindfulness coupled with strong mentorship can be impactful on youth boys in helping to develop a greater sense of self awareness. Many boys tend to internalize their emotions, and we believe it is important to provide them with safe relationships and outlets to support them in processing their emotions. In addition, create direction and mentorship for youth boys to express themselves, addressing sense of belonging, social groups, social media, self worth, and pressures experienced from social, academic, and sport expectations. We focus on resiliency, ability to manage conflict and stressful situations and what is healthy exposure to stress.

GIRLVANA - Balance Dance Centre Okotoks 
WEDNESDAYS //4:45 PM - 5:45 PM// January 16th-March 6th, 2019 Rate: $145 for 8 weeks
To teach teen girls (13-18) the tools of yoga and meditation while providing strong mentorship with a raw and heartfelt approach. This class is a blend of practice, self inquiry, discussion, and mentorship with Girlvana trained instructors. Raising consciousness in teen girls.