Nest Girls  
Thursday's may 24th-June 21st
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Ages 8-11

This 8-week registered youth yoga program is a unique opportunity for youth ages 8 -11 to connect with their peers, and with themselves in a safe and supportive community. The ORENDA Team uses yoga and mindfulness as a gateway to create raw discussion and transformation with youth. This 8- week registered session will be guided by the ORENDA Team introducing youth to a yoga and mindfulness practice, group discussion, journaling, and leadership activities. This program is an outlet for youth to express themselves openly.




Tuesday March 27th- May 22nd, 2018
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Ages 12 - 18


To teach teen girls the tools of yoga and meditation while providing strong mentorship with a raw and heartfelt approach.


Girlvana is for the girl who is curious about spirituality. The girl who needs an outlet. The girl who needs a safe space to be herself and just any girls.  

 Photo Cred:  Girlvana Yoga TM


The world needs you to be you. Find your unique voice, your truest self and share that with the world. We need you.


Mama & Babe Yoga at the Nest  

THuRsday May 24th-June 21st 11:00am-12:00pm 

Join Heather Molina from the ORENDA Society, with her babe for mama and babe yoga. This class will allow mamas the opportunity to connect with other mamas, their babes, and most importantly themselves.  Heather will create a safe space for mamas to show up as they are (mom buns welcome), the mom and baby yoga class will allow for fun and playful interaction between mom and baby. This class welcomes raw discussion between mamas and shared experiences in motherhood.